Okay, I’ve decided today to give up on this blog. Im sorry but I can’t do it. I love The Sopranos so much but I can’t keep updating it. But I wont delete it, I put to much time and effort to just delete it all, makes no sense, so I just wont post anymore. This is my last post. Ill most likely post ‘Sopranos stuff on my gif blog tho. So yea, thank you for those who followed/liked and reblogged my stuff. And Im sorry for the new followers. I really am. Plus, there’s plenty of ‘Sopranos stuff in the tag if you search for it. So you wont really miss this blog lol. So long. Goodnite. 

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The Sopranos’ all came down to the writing. I wouldn’t have been on for as long as I was if the writing weren’t so good.

RIP James Joseph Gandolfini (Sep 18th 1961- June 19th 2013)


I’m like King Midas in reverse. Everything I touch turns to shit.
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James Gandolfini: Tribute to a Friend.

"You can travel down the road, check on every vine, you can travel down the road, you can travel down the line. But they were few like Jimmy, he was homemade wine. Honest, good, pure, nothing added. Wants you to have a good time, sharing with friends like family. He was homemade wine. You need a dollar? you got Jim. Loyalty and truthfullness, that was him. Believing in something good out there. Never got on the way, he was always fair. A good brother, a good son, good father. He always tried his best. And all the rest, he was homemade wine."

—'Homemade Wine' Written by Dominic Chianese